serving Dallas, Ft. Worth, and surrounding areas

My name is Corrina. I grew up on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas, where I learned that I loved chasing light. I started taking photos at thirteen years old with my childhood friend, Elizabeth. It was in that small town that I learned to use natural elements like sunlight, clouds, and water to highlight the details and candid moments that transcend the traditional idea of what an outdoor portrait can accomplish. I started by photographing landscapes, but found my true passion in portraiture and the attention to detail it requires. I started A.R.K. Photography at the age of 19; photography has taken me from Nicaragua to Nova Scotia, as well as many cities across the U.S.

After nearly a decade of professional experience, my portfolio showcases an extensive body of work that spans across multiple genres such as family, newborn, wedding, portrait, event, corporate, and real estate photography. I also have experience working with SEO marketing professionals to photograph and promote local businesses. I have also shot commercially with HBO, Verizon, and GoPro, among other major clients. Staying true to my roots as a family and wedding photographer, my passion is still capturing and preserving the fleeting moments that I am entrusted with.

I have watched many of my clients’ children grow up in front of my lens. It is an incredible and gratifying feeling to see them year after year, from the newborn basket to their first day of school and beyond! I pride myself on developing long lasting relationships with the families and couples I photograph. One of the purest joys I have each year is to capture family portraits during the holidays. I am always humbled and thankful when they invite me to share a meal with them. I always strive to capture the same smiles and feelings of warmth I’ve seen at my clients’ dinner table. I’ve shot young couples after they adopted their first puppy and went on to photograph their proposal, engagement, and wedding day!

While family and wedding photography are a passion, I also have a keen eye and talent for real-estate and commercial photography. In my real estate and commercial work, I apply the same professionalism, attention to detail, and warmth. I take pride in staging a room and knowing that my work has helped an agent sell another house. Owning my own business has enabled me to appreciate the need that businesses have for quality marketing, and I am proud to say that my work has helped put many small business owners on the map. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have worked with HBO, but shooting the “Game of Thrones” premiere is a point of personal pride.

My Experience